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The TLC Publishers Group is available to Indies that want to

publish their sheet music catalogue online.





Impact & Longevity

One of the most powerful ways to impact the world is through the printed page.

Though the revenues from the printed page are smaller than that of recorded music,

the potential of placing the music in the hands of people is greater.

In addition, sheet music has longevity, allowing God to use it on a continual basis,

to build His Kingdom.


CCLI Royalty

TLC recommends all publishers consider affiliation with CCLI.

This has proven to be another source of revenue for songwriters and publishers.

Though revenues for sheet music may be initially small, CCLI royalties can grow to a substantial

residual income, as more and more church sing from your printed page.

TLC recommends considering "give-aways" periodically,

as an incentive for growth in the CCLI royalties.

It is important to include CCLI numbers on all sheet music.

If you need help with CCLI, TLC can be contracted to complete the CCLI Administrator affiliation for you.


Distribution, Set Up & Maintenance

The Lanier Company is sharing music with

over half the countries in the world!

TLC will set up and maintain all web pages.

Publishers web pages will include sheet music for review through PDF files,

MP3s for listening, and links for online sales.


TLC Special Pages

In addition, each publisher will have the option to be included in the




Special Discounts

Members of the TLC Publishers Group will be given a 15% discount

on all TLC Oasis services, which include Artist & Ministry Development,

Demo Recording, Commission Music, and Music Typeset.

Discount does not apply to TLC Publishers Group set up and monthly costs.


 Inclusion in the TLC Indie Group

All TLC Publishers Group members will automatically be included in the


Web pages include a home page, ministry page,

and links to Sheet Music Catalogue.


Online Sales

TLC will set up your publishing catalogue in an online shopping cart.

We fill and ship all orders. Monthly accounting records will be kept,

and a check will be sent to you, within 10 days of the end of the previous month.

TLC will charge you only 10% of the net sales, deducted from your monthly sales.

Publishers are responsible to keep TLC supplied with sheet music, for all online sales.





Step One: Contact The Lanier Company.

 Let them know you are interested in affiliating

with the TLC Publishers Group. music@thelaniercompany.com

The Lanier Company is a distributor of Christian music only.


Step Two: The Lanier Company will contact you

to begin the REVIEW PROCESS.


Step Three: The Review Process

Submit via email:

1. Your Company Beliefs and Mission Statement

2. Links to all websites hosting current ministry.

These links will be reviewed for content and music.

If there are no websites, sheet music, lyric sheets,

and/or CDs will need to be submitted, via snail mail and/or fax.

3. The Lanier Company will contact you,

when the review process is complete.


Step Four: Set Up (If Accepted)

The Lanier Company will set up web pages

for you publishing company.

Items Needed:

1. Company name and logo (JEPG image of logo, sent via email)

If you do not have a company logo, TLC can be contracted to produce logo artwork.

2. PDF (Public Document Format) of all typeset songs.

If your songs are not typeset, see TLC Oasis Typeset Service for price quotes.


Different types of sheet music publications are:

LEAD SHEET - Melody, Lyric, & Chords

HYMN SHEET - SATB Vocal, Lyric, & Chords

SOLO - Melody, Lyric, Piano Accompaniment, & Chords

CHORAL/VOCAL GROUP - SATB Vocal, Lyric, Piano Accompaniment, & Chords


3. MP3, or MIDI, file for each song for listening.

MP3 specifications will be given, before shipping via email.

If you do not have MP3s or MIDI files, TLC can be contracted to produce these.


View Publisher Examples

Large Catalogue


New Publisher with developing catalogue.




Set Up

$75.00 (Publisher web page development),

plus $5.00 per song.

Publisher will be charged $5.00 per song

for any additional songs added, after set up.


Monthly Cost




A PayPal account is not required for you to pay online.

When publisher's web pages are complete, including catalogue setup,

a payment invoice will be sent, via email, for set up costs and first month fee.

 Payment must be received, before web pages will be published.

Ongoing monthly cost, plus any additional song set up fees,

will be billed, via email, through a payment invoice.

If payment is not received within ten days, the web pages will be taken off-line.





Distribution and Administration for:



in association with:

BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated

CCLI - Christian Copyright Licensing International

GMA - Gospel Music Association




The Lanier Company . music@thelaniercompany.com

House of Lanier Publishing Company . music@thelaniercompany.com

New Creation Ministries . mail@ncministries.org

Gary Lanier . gary@thelaniercompany.com

Valleta Lanier . valleta@thelaniercompany.com

123 N Broadway . Broken Bow, OK 74728 . 580.584.2889