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Valleta Lanier!


If you are interested in scheduling Valleta Lanier for a conference,

you may choose from the topics below.

Valleta is continually adding conference titles.

If you have a Conference topic that is not listed below,

contact Valleta about developing a study for your specific need.





Considering hosting the Mother/Daughter team of Valleta & Leah!

They love ministering together, and the Heart Music of Leah Lanier

will bring a refreshment to any Conference!


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two new bible conferences!


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Using the acronym W.O.R.D.S, and her personal ministry testimony,

Valleta Lanier encourages all that God still speaks today,

He is speaking to you, and you can hear Him!


rightly dividing the time

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A study that helps you understand the different times in the Bible,

from Creation Time to Eternity Time.





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A god booking!

All of your days are booked by God!

Discover how God "books" your ministry!



believe... in yourself, god's calling, god's plan

open doors are from god

opportunity BELONGS TO YOU

keep building THE KINGDOM

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BIBLE STUDY Conference Topics

Includes Teacher & Student Manuals

(Conference topics in alphabetical order)

An Excellent Wife

A study of Proverbs 31 for women of all ages,

whether they are married or planning on marrying.


Becoming a Woman of God

A study to help women see that God has a plan for each of their lives.

The enemy of God has always tempted women, but by understanding how they were created,

what their position is on earth as a Christian, each woman can be victorious!


Believing Is Seeing

Today you hear people say... "Seeing is believing."

But, with God it is just the opposite... "Believing is seeing!"

This study, based on Mark 11:20-24, shows you how to live your life believing!


Christian Friends

A look at the early ministry of Peter and John in Acts 3 & 4,

and the importance of having, and caring for, a Christian friend.


Defeating Deception

God has a plan that will help you defeat deception in your life!


Dressed for the King!

Insights from the Book of Esther for the "Modern Day Esther"!


Forgiveness Is Forever

One of the hardest things for humans to do is forgive each other.

God's Word gives us the answer for walking in true forgiveness!


How God Speaks

Learn More...

A study that helps you understand the different times in the Bible,

from Creation Time to Eternity Time.


Prayer That Gets Results

Daniel's prayers are great examples of Prayer That Gets Results!

In this study his example teaches us that when we pray,

powerful results take place, in the heavens and on earth.


Renew for the Race

God has placed His Children in a race!

This study looks at how to run the race,

always staying renewed for the sake of the Kingdom.


Rightly Dividing the Time

Learn More...

A study that helps you understand the different times in the Bible,

from Creation Time to Eternity Time.


Sisters In the Lord

A study for women about the importance of their Sister in the Lord!


The Call

God is calling each of His Children to something very special.

This study is will encourage you to discover your call,

and it will challenge you by asking, "How will you answer... The Call?"


Turning Fear into Faith

This study helps you see that there are two kinds of fear, positive and negative.

Learn how to be victorious over Negative fear, that will rob you for life,

and discover how Positive fear brings life.


When Power Fills the House... There is Unity!

God has a plan to bring unity. Discover how you can experience personal unity,

within yourself, in your family, and throughout the church.


Contact/Booking Information

Email: New Creation Ministries

Phone: 580.584.2889

Write: 123 N. Broadway

Broken Bow, OK 74728

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