A theater has always been in the heart of Valleta Lanier,

founder of Lamplight Theater.


With a belief that God wants to use all of the arts to bring

Him glory, in January of 2005, in a most unusual way, she

was inspired to build Lamplight Theater. While watching

the movie, Phantom of the Opera, the beauty of an early

1900ís theater inspired her heart.


This old organ, curtained in a small corner of

Lamplight Theater, is a tribute to "Phantom of the Opera"

for the inspiration!

Valleta set out on a quest to find a building in Broken Bow, Oklahoma to house the theater. Through the creative idea of her husband, Gary, she realized she lived in the very building that would become the theater. Built in 1946, part of the old rock Bank and Post Office

building became home for Lamplight Theater.


Enjoy from the Audience...

  Plans are underway to bring a variety of artistic venues that will

appeal to all ages, with family entertainment in mind.

Currently Lamplight is being scheduled for Worship Events, Worship Services, Conferences, and recording sessions in conjunction with Broadway Recording Studio.

Take each opportunity to enjoy this small theater, in an atmosphere

of the early 1900ís. Invite someone to enjoy it with you!


Support as a Theater Patron...

  You can support the ongoing efforts of Lamplight Theater as a theater patron with a one time donation or regular donations. Patrons can also give items or work time, as the theater expands. Plans are currently underway to develop the Lamplight Garden, adjacent to the theater.


In that Lamplight Theater is a division of a non-profit corporation,

all donations are tax deductible.

Contact the Lamplight Theater office

for additional information.



Lamplight Theater Past Events


July 15th, Grand Opening, Leah Lanier Concert

August 19th, Gary Lanier Concert

September 16th, Night of Praise

October 17th, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools

October 27th, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools

October 31st, Night of Praise

November 1st, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools

December 31st, New Years Eve Celebration



February 12th, Valentine Dinner Theater

March 17th, Night of Praise

March 27th, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools

April 4th, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools

October 21st, SE OK Women's Conference

October 31st, Broken Bow Fall Festival

November 2nd, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools



February 9th, Regional Church Movie Night

April 11th, Recording Session, Broken Bow Schools













Lamplight Theater is located in the

Old Rock Bank & Post Office Building

in Downtown Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Entrance on Second Street.


The vision of Lamplight Theater is to give to the surrounding area an artistic venue to choose from, including drama and musical productions, concerts, and conferences, in an atmosphere that takes you back in time when theater was a prominent part of everyday life.


You will find the atmosphere of Lamplight Theater like none you have experienced, with couches and coffee tables. Just right for a time of relaxing, whether you are experiencing a conference or recording session!


Lamplight Theater entrance and foyer.



Current Schedule


Worship Events


Sundays at 3:00 p. m.

Experience the ministries of Worship Leaders,

Gary Lanier and Leah Lanier.

Plus, the life-style messages of Gary and Valleta Lanier.

Regional Church of Southeast Oklahoma.

Gary Lanier, Pastor




The Lanier Company

Ministry & Business Development

with Valleta Lanier



The Lanier Company

Indie Publishing Development

with Valleta Lanier



Recording Sessions


Excellence in Midi, Analogue, & Virtual Sound Recording